Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science and Graduate School of Science

Division of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry
Laboratory of Inorganic Chemistry [HP] Hisako HASHIMOTO, Professor
Laboratory of Coordination Chemistry[HP] Shinya TAKAISHI, Associate Professor
Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry [HP] Seiichi NISHIZAWA, Professor
Division of Organic Chemistry
Laboratory of Organic Chemistry [HP] Minoru UEDA, Professor
Laboratory of Synthetic and Structural Organic Chemistry [HP] Takeaki IWAMOTO, Professor
Laboratory of Natural Product Chemistry [HP] Yujiro HAYASHI, Professor
Laboratory of Fundamental Chemistry Kozo TOYOTA, Professor
Division of Physical Chemistry
Laboratory of Organic Physical Chemistry [HP] Shen YE, Professor
Laboratory of Quantum Chemistry [HP] Asuka FUJII, Professor
Laboratory of Reaction Dynamics [HP] Fuminori MISAIZU, Professor
Laboratory of Theoretical Chemistry [HP] Yukiyoshi OHTSUKI, Associate Professor
Laboratory of Computational Molecular Science [HP] Akihiro MORITA, Professor
Division of Interdisciplinary Chemistry
Laboratory of Organic Reaction Processes [HP] Masahiro TERADA, Professor
Laboratory of Organic Chemistry II Kazuo TAKIMIYA, Professor
Laboratory of Inorganic Solid State Chemistry [HP] Tomoteru FUKUMURA, Professor
Division of Advanced Atomic and Molecular Science
Laboratory of Radiochemistry [HP] Yasushi KINO, Associate Professor
Laboratory of Biochemistry [HP] Kazumasa OHASHI, Professor
Laboratory of Radio- and Environmental Chemistry Tsutomu SEKINE, Professor
Associate Institutions
Research and Analytical Center for Giant Molecules [HP] Takeaki IWAMOTO, Professor
Cooperative Research Groups of Department of Chemistry, Graduate School of Science
Division of Reaction Mechanism and Dynamics
Laboratory of Advanced Scanning Probe Microscopy [HP] Tadahiro KOMEDA、Professor
Laboratory of Quantum beam-based structural biology and chemistry Eriko NANGO, Professor
Laboratory of Nanobio Functional Materials/Chemical Biology & Supramolecular Photochirogenesis [HP] Takehiko WADA, Professor
Laboratory of Nano Physical Chemistry [HP] Hiroshi KUMIGASHIRA, Professor
Laboratory of Nano/Micro Chemical Measurements [HP] Akihide HIBARA, Professor
Division of Solid-State Chemistry
Laboratory of Supersructured Thin Film Chemistry/Solid-State Metal-Complex Chemistry [HP] Hitoshi MIYASAKA, Professor
Laboratory of Crystal Chemistry [HP] Satoshi UDA, Professor
Laboratory of Hybridized Organic Nanocrystal Materials [HP] Akihide HIBARA, Professor
Division of Biofunctional Chemistry
Laboratory of Synthetic Chemistry for Biofunctional Molecules [HP] Fumi NAGATSUGI, Professor
Laboratory of Structural Biology [HP] Kenji INABA, Professor
Laboratory of Biological and Molecular Dynamics [HP] Satoshi TAKAHASHI, Professor
Laboratory of Cell Functional Molecular Chemistry [HP] Shin MIZUKAMI, Professor
Collaborative Laboratories
Laboratory of Heavy Elemeint Chemistry Yuichiro NAGAME, Professor
Takaumi KIMURA, Professor
Laboratory of Reaction and Separation Processes Hajime KAWANAMI, Professor
Mitsuhiro KANAKUBO, Professor
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  • Graduate School of Science and Faculty of Science Tohoku University
  • Research and Analytical Center for Giant Molecules
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