International Graduate Program for Advanced Science (IGPAS) is an interdisciplinary graduate program for international students founded in 2004 as the first graduate program in English taught at a Japanese national university. IGPAS is a 5-year graduate program consisting of a 2-year master’s program and a 3-year doctoral program. IGPAS students are affiliated to one of six departments: Chemistry, Mathematics, Astronomy, Physics, Geophysics, and Earth Science. All of the departments are part of Global Center of Excellence (GCOE) programs. The IGPAS academic year starts in October only. The Graduate School of Science will admit up to 20 students to the master’s and 20 students to doctoral programs of IGPAS 2009.

IGPAS has attracted attention for its interdisciplinary education as well as availability of financial support. We have proudly reserved 8 Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarships for master’s students and offer fellowship (IGPAS-SDC) for 2 doctoral students (as of 2009). Please visit our website and get more information before contacting the IGPAS Academic Affairs Section.

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International Graduate Program for Advanced Science

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