-Interview to Han Xiang-Bin (DC2, Organic Physical Chemistry Laboratory) about his campus life in Tohoku University.

Han Xiang-Bin
Why did you choose to study chemistry?

Han Xiang-BinAfter the college entrance examination in China, I chose chemistry because it is my strong point among physics, chemistry, biology, English and mathematics. Another very important reason was that I didn't know any other majors in University at that time. I come from a poor Chinese village, lacking knowledge and information. So, it is a helpless choice and also a correct choice for me at the time. If you don’t know much about the world, just choose what you are familiar with. Fortunately, my development has been successful after choosing chemistry.

Why did you choose Japan and Tohoku University?

For me, Japan is an amazing country. It has well-educated people, and all the people obey the rules that keep the society moving well. Japanese people took the initiative to clean up their own garbage after the Olympic Games, which impressed me most. Their strong public awareness is worth learning by everyone, but I would like to know much deeper reasons for this. Going there and living with them is the most effective method to find the answer.
Another important reason is Lu Xun, who is the most famous Chinese to ever study here. As mentioned above, if you don’t know much something, you just choose what is familiar.

Have you changed anything in Tohoku University?

Han Xiang-BinAfter living for one and a half years, there was almost no big change for me after I got used to the environment here. But there are still some small effects for me personally. Under the influence of Japanese ceremonial culture, I became politer. I begin to use ‘ITADAKIMASU’ before meals because I have lunch with lab members during the week. So, I sometimes behave like a Japanese person around my Chinese friends.
Here, I can cook in my dormitory, and it is not permitted in China. It gives me more fun in my spare time.

What is your current research? How will you extend your research in the future?

Li-ion batteries are commonly used in our smartphones and many other electronic products. The Li-O2 battery is the youngest member in Li battery family but has the greatest potential. My research is focused on a small branch of Li-O2 battery, designing the oxygen reduction redox mediator (ORRM), which can improve the discharge capacity through a complex mechanism. It is not fundamental research but applied research. In addition, there is a long and difficult path to transfer research results to applications. I want to make a prototype of a Li-O2 battery, attach it to a small bulb, and improve its circulation. In the future, I will continue to focus on this small research field, accumulating experience and techniques. Maybe after tens of years, Li-O2 batteries will work in vehicles, and my research results or small techniques will work in Li-O2 batteries.

Would you like to give a comment to candidates for Tohoku University?

Han Xiang-BinFor Japanese students, just work hard to get the qualifications needed for your dream school, Tohoku University.
For students from other countries, especially Chinese students, learn some basic life skills and cultivate your own public awareness before coming here. Otherwise, you will make troubles for others and leave a bad impression. If you go abroad and live with foreigners, you have the opportunity to reshape the international reputation of the Chinese, and so, please do your best. Everyone hates the guys who are both troublesome and lazy.

-Thank you for your cooperation.
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